"Every track on this album is a gem.  A top 10 favourite for The Signal in 2010, it's still top 10 for me!"

Laurie Brown, CBC Radio 2 The Signal

Let me take you down to a place where nothing is real - a place where tape loops, sitars, spoken-word passages, past eras, Mellotrons, hypnotic swirls, omnichords and studio shenanigans dovetail to create a trippy, serene aural fantasy… The Maple Mountain Sunburst Triolian Orchestra's dominant track is LookListenFeel, which uses a passage from the visionary Laura Huxley’s 1961 pre-New-Age album Recipes for Living and Loving… Huxley died in 2007… In 2009, in stepped actress Isabella Rossellini, whose rich Euro tone is now heard reading Huxley’s soul medicine – “look, listen and feel/ taste, touch and breathe” – as if walking through an autumn sunburst of sitars, softly puffing brass and finger-picked guitar. It recalls the Beatles’ Dear Prudence. Or it imagines Fatboy Slim and Moby in overalls, smoking something peculiar from a corn-cob pipe...

McNeill's impressionistic, idyllic collage carries a message, which is the realization of dreams… I believe it all means to follow your own adventure. McNeill has followed his, and we are lucky enough to float through it."

4/4 stars Disc of the Week Brad Wheeler, The Globe and Mail

... a huge wall of sound... a fashionable retreat into wondrous tones and experiences. Sounds progress through a conscious wave of meticulous attention to detail and, while the groove is always in focus, McNeill ensures a successful journey.”

Bryan Sanchez, adequacy.net

"I love the music as much as I love the videos!"

Xeni Jardin, BoingBoing.net

"That's a lot of band name for one guy from Ontario. Then again, Elora's Andy McNeill covers a whole lot of ground on his debut disc as MMSTO. The multi-instrumentalist and mixmaster fuses soothing sonics and low-impact electronic loopery with rootsy textures and intriguing spoken-word samples to fashion artfully trippy soundscape soundtracks for your subconscious."

3 stars (out of 5) Darryl Sterdan, Sun Media